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Rosetta Pharmamate to be the key for Pharmaceuticals to Professional Area and Head for Success


Functional Space/Instruments

Rosetta has a 1346 ㎡ GLP laboratory located in New Taipei City operating 2 Applied Biosystem (API 4000) and 3 Micromass Quattro Ultima for the bioanalysis of small molecule drugs.

A wide range of bio- analytical methodologies and technologies to support the drug development.

To ensure the assays have demonstrated linearity, specificity, accuracy, and stability under all conditions by method validation.

Clinical Site

Rosetta has a 22 Bed      GCP compliant clinical    facility located at Shuang-Ho Hospital, is capableof undertaking a variety of clinical phase I and BA/BE studies.



BE study unit in Jing-Mei Hospital has a 12 Bed clinical facility for study subject housing, and also have 24 subject's facility for study conducting


Animal Facility

Rosetta animal facility provided an appropriate system for animal study .

To ensure the study quality, all animals were housed  and operated in a clean area(IVC & BSC).  







The central monitor system automatically recorded  the temperature and humidity to make sure  the environment consistent  and well-control.  The animal study was operated by  professional and qualified  personnel.