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Supporting the client in Pharmacokinetic bioanalytical study, BA/BE study,
Bioanalytical testing, Phase I study and Bridging study of drug

Service Scope

Pharmacokinetics and BA/BE Study

Study Protocol Design
Subject Recruitment
Study MonitoringSite Management
Data management
Data Analysis
Medical writing/Final Report


Human Samples
Animal Samples : Rat, Dog, Rabbit
Specimen : Plasma, Blood, Urine, Tissue...
Validation method development

  • Phase I Study

Rosetta’s Phase I study site is via cooperation with Taipei Medical University, and the clinical facilityhas been set up at the Shuang-Ho Hospital (the affiliated hospital of Taipei Medical University)







For Phase I trial environment in Taiwan is required to be conducted in Phase I unit, that must have comprehensive facility, including:

  • Standard procedure for phase I study
  1. Healthy volunteer recruitment
  • Professional full-time study nurse
  • Monitor / emergency equipment
  • Study management

Bridging Study

  • Consultation

  • Regulatory consulting
    Regulatory compliance solution
    IRB submission
    TFDA submission

    Animal Study

    Pharmacokinetics study (beagle dog, mini-pig, rat, mice)
    Development of drug (evaluation of bioavailability)3. Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) test.
    PK study design (blood sampling time,  administration, specimen).
    Pharmacodynamics study (xenograft , nephritis, etc.)
    Animal protocol review.
    Animal housing service
    Investigational new drug (IND) application consultation.